Musings from September 2015

I always wanted to be a writer. It was one of those things that were on a long list of life goals that I just never seemed to get to. In high school, I got pretty close, as I was on the journalism team, but some student-teacher issues ended that career. Going into college I intended to major in Biology, however, that was derailed as I found that my favorite classes always seemed to be outside of my major. And that’s how a major in Philosophy fell into my lap. I don’t know if it was the intense, intellectual readings, the strong persuasive essays we were assigned, or a school girl crush I had on my professor, but I ended up with a major that really made me stretch my writing legs, and I loved it.

After graduation, I thought that my writing days were behind me. How could I be a professional writer when I didn’t major in Journalism or English? And then it hit me: to be a writer, you just have to write.

That’s what this blog is about, it’s about everything I know and things I don’t know. It’s about me, myself, and I, and how I feel about things happening in the world. It’s a story about me reteaching myself grammar and staying up to date on world issues. It’s not censored or revised 1,000 times, it’s just what it is. It’s about the global need to think a little less and feel a little more.


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