Musings from October 2015

I have the unfortunate circumstance of majoring in something that isn’t in the field of what I want to do. I love my Philosophy background, but everywhere I apply is looking for a degree is Journalism or English or “a related field”. Hopefully, all those essays and papers throughout college gave me enough “related experience”.

To be honest I’ve been using K as a huge cop out this entire time. He will graduate from his Master’s program in May 2016 and know that we will then be migrating somewhere around the country for his Ph.D. was a perfect excuse for me to not develop roots in DC.

But now I’m taking the reins of my life. I’ve switched to part-time at my job so that I can work freelance or as an intern. My thought process is that next time I’m applying somewhere, wherever we end up, I can put down a six-month internship with a social media contract company. It’s a lot better to have references who have seen my work than references who know me from a completely unrelated field – like lifeguarding at a college pool.


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