A To-Do List for Life


  1. Go to an ice sculpting contest in AK
  2. Ride a zipline
  3. Go sky diving
  4. Go cliff jumping
  5. Parasail
  6. Walk on a suspension bridge
  7. Do a hot coal walk
  8. See the salmon run in the Pacific NW


  1. ✔Swim with wild sharks
  2. ✔Hold a sturgeon
  3. Attend a rodeo
  4. Hike the length of the Pacific Crest Trail
  5. Ride in a horse and carriage
  6. See the salmon run
  7. ✔Snorkel in a tropical reef
  8. ✔Fish for and catch a trophy fish


  1. ✔Act in a play
  2. Be a published writer
  3. Take a pottery class
  4. ✔Create a flower arrangement
  5. Do a wine and paint night
  6. ✔Take pictures in a photobooth


  1. Make an authentic Thai meal
  2. Eat a meal cooked by a celebrity chef
  3. Attend a traditional pig roast
  4. Eat at a Brazilian BBQ 
  5. ✔Go to a kitty cafe
  6. Make homemade ice cream
  7. ✔Boil lobsters
  8. Learn how to make latte art
  9. Bake a loaf of bread
  10. Go to a wine tasting
  11. ✔Visit a beer brewery
  12. Drink at an ice bar and take a ski shot
  13. Drink milk from a fresh coconut
  14. ✔Eat breakfast in bed
  15. Drink at a tea house in China
  16. Eat a molecular gastronomy dinner
  17. ✔Eat a raw diet for a day
  18. ✔Have lunch alone
  19. ✔Eat fondue
  20. Eat in a pitch black restaurant
  21. ✔Fillet a fish
  22. Have a dinner party
  23. Eat at a chef’s table restaurant
  24. Leave a 150% tip for a server
  25. Make fresh pasta
  26. Order one of everything on the menu
  27. ✔Attend A Taste of DC
  28. ✔Pick fresh fruit and make a pie from scratch
  29. ✔Shuck oysters
  30. ✔Toss pizza dough
  31. Wade in a cranberry bog
  32. Start a herb garden
  33. Learn how to make sushi
  34. Take a raw foods cooking class


  1. Alligator
  2. ✔Beef tongue
  3. ✔Blood sausage
  4. Cactus
  5. ✔Caviar
  6. Chicken feet
  7. ✔Conch
  8. Dim Sum
  9. ✔Eel
  10. Elk
  11. Fois gras
  12. Frog legs
  13. Jellyfish
  14. ✔Kimchi
  15. ✔Liver
  16. ✔Mochi
  17. ✔Octopus
  18. ✔Ostrich
  19. Rabbit
  20. ✔Raw oysters
  21. ✔Sea urchins
  22. ✔Sashimi
  23. Scorpion
  24. Sea slug
  25. Snake
  26. ✔Sushi
  27. ✔Veal
  28. Wild boar


  1. ✔Learn how to play poker
  2. See a music festival
  3. Attend a film premiere
  4. Go to a jazz festival
  5. Get a caricature done by a Central Park street artist
  6. Fly on a trapeze
  7. Attend a burlesque show
  8. Wear a sumo wrestling suit
  9. Throw beads at Mardi Gras
  10. Walk the red carpet
  11. Attend a TED talk


  1. Attend NYC fashion week
  2. ✔✔Make a dramatic hair change
  3. Get a complete henna tattoo in India
  4. ✔Go blonde
  5. Find the perfect little black dress
  6. ✔Get a spray-tan
  7. ✔Get a manicure + pedicure
  8. ✔Get a bikini wax
  9. ✔Get a Brazilian wax
  10. Own a pair of Louboutins
  11. Relax in a sensory deprivation tank


  1. Handstand on the Brooklyn Bridge
  2. Paintball on a huge team and embrace the super competitive atmosphere
  3. ✔Go rock climbing
  4. ✔Run a marathon
  5. Run an ultra marathon (50+ miles)
  6. Learn how to surf
  7. Achieve my ideal weight
  8. Be toned head to toe
  9. Go to the horse races
  10. ✔Do a Color Run
  11. ✔Do a handstand
  12. Dive off a high diving board
  13. ✔Deep sea fish
  14. Go to a yoga retreat
  15. Golf 18 holes
  16. ✔Hit the dartboard bulls-eye
  17. ✔Kayak
  18. ✔Stand-up paddleboard
  19. Take a pole dancing class
  20. ✔Take a yoga class
  21. ✔Take a self-defense class
  22. ✔Take a Soul-Cycle class


  1. ✔Go skinny-dipping
  2. Have a career that I would happily do for nothing
  3. ✔Make Dean’s List
  4. ✔Be a tourist in my hometown
  5. Be on a Jumbotron at a stadium
  6. ✔Complete a 1000-piece puzzle
  7. Experience weightlessness
  8. Hunt with a metal detector on the beach
  9. ✔Find a pearl in an oyster
  10. ✔Get a tattoo
  11. Have a friend officiate my wedding
  12. ✔Go canoeing
  13. Haggle at an open market
  14. ✔Have a White Christmas
  15. ✔Learn CPR and the Heimlich maneuver
  16. ✔Learn to juggle
  17. Make a balloon animal
  18. ✔Photobomb someone
  19. ✔Read a book on the NY Best Sellers List
  20. ✔Start a blog
  21. ✔Stay awake for 24 hours
  22. Walk on a nude beach
  23. ✔Win a stuffed animal at a carnival
  24. ✔Write your name in wet cement
  25. Do 24 hours of silence
  26. ✔Feed a homeless person
  27. ✔Get a college degree
  28. ✔Give blood
  29. Learn sign language
  30. Meet the Dalai Lama
  31. ✔Pay the toll for the person behind me
  32. ✔Read a banned book


  1. Fly in a private jet
  2. Have a housemaid
  3. ✔Take monthly day trips to NYC
  4. Hold three months worth of bills in savings
  5. Stay at an all-inclusive, 5-star resort
  6. Ride in a limousine


  1. Meet the president
  2. Trace my heritage
  3. ✔Meet someone famous
  4. Meet someone who reads my blog
  5. Write a heartfelt letter to someone I care for and read it to its inspiration
  6. ✔Plan a date night with my spouse
  7. ✔Reconnect with an old friend
  8. ✔Thank a company for good treatment
  9. ✔Become regulars at a local restaurant
  10. Become regulars at a local bar


  1. ✔Go on a road trip with someone I love
  2. ✔Take a day trip to NYC
  3. Hike the AT
  4. Hike the PCT
  5. Take 4-6 months to travel schedule-less around Southeast Asia
  6. Go on a cruise
  7. Attend a summer and winter Olympics
  8. Visit everywhere on my travel itinerary
  9. Fly first class
  10. Explore a rainforest
  11. Pan for gold
  12. Hike Manchu Pichu
  13. ✔Stay at a bed and breakfast
  14. Vacation solo
  15. See the Northern lights
  16. Helicopter into the Grand Canyon
  17. ✔Walk across Abbey Road | London, England
  18. Walk on a pink sand beach | Bahamas
  19. Go on a safari | Serengeti, Tanzania
  20. Visit the floating marketplace | Thailand

2 thoughts on “A To-Do List for Life”

    1. I have two: one is an enso which is a Buddhist symbol representing the imperfections and individualism in each person’s life and the other is a pair of single line arm bands around my left forearm. I honestly just got those because I loved how they looked!

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