22 Years of Age

  1. ✔Blog weekly and stay creative with it
  2. ✔Cook more often and get comfier in the kitchen
  3. Move to NYC (by 8/2015)
  4. ✔Decorate a new apartment
  5. ✔Visit my family more
  6. Complete a Spartan Race like a serious competitor (by 9/2015)
  7. Consistently workout 5-6 times a week (by 12/2015)
  8. ✔Apply for and get my passport (by 11/2015)
  9. ✔Travel to Ireland to meet K’s distant family
  10. ✔Go to a kitty cafe
  11. Handstand on the Brooklyn Bridge
  12. Hold 2,500+ in my savings (by 8/2016)
  13. Fly first class
  14. Relax in a sensory deprivation tank
  15. Go on a 5 day juice cleanse
  16. ✔Get into the habit of taking vitamins daily (by 11/2015)
  17. ✔Go to midnight movie showing
  18. Take a trip out west with K to Yosemite National Park | California
  19. Run three miles in under 20 minutes
  20. ✔Develop my palette further and explore the foodie scene of DC and NYC
  21. Pay all student debt bills on time with an extra $50-100 each month
  22. Spend my 23rd birthday in Germany for Oktoberfest 

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