Day 2: Settling In

Today I calculated how much I spend in a month which terrified me. I knew I spent a lot, but $1,500 seemed astronomical. Hopefully, I’ll finish this month with an extra 2,000$ or so in my bank account. I’ve never been someone who has savings, but I wouldn’t mind being that person.

While I do spend a lot I’ve found some comfort, after reviewing my statements, in finding that I spend more on quality over quantity. I tend to sporadically splurge on big ticket items, carefully planning out the two weeks between paychecks. While I’m hardly pulling six figures, working in the hospitality industry comes with more than enough in a paycheck to sustain me. I can easily live off three to four 7-10 hour shifts a week.

In February I pushed myself to take on more shifts in order to accommodate my increased spending. I love my job, and I love the people I work with. The issue with taking on more work was that it lessened my “recovery” time between shifts. I have a lot of social anxiety, which, for me, manifests itself as being the loudest, happiest person in the room. Outwardly I’m bubbly and energetic, while inside its draining me. Working so frequently was taxing and toward the end of February, I had a panic attack while stuck in DC traffic on my way to the gym. I’ve had panic attacks before and usually, I can sidestep them with different tactics and recover rather quickly. This particular attack lingered and for the next three days, I had chest pains, pressure, and a general feeling of being too warm for my body as if I was heated pressure and packed too tightly into my 5’3″ frame. It was one of the most difficult and suffocating series of days I’ve had in a long time.

It’s part of what prompted me to undertake this experiment. Can I last a month? Will I feel any different? Will it actually change how I experience shopping and spending?

Will check back in tomorrow.


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