Day 7: Does It Count, or No?

Kevin says I shopped and I beg to differ.

In a final step of getting our apartment together, I went to possibly the world’s largest thrift store: Unique in Silver Spring MD (I’d attach a link here, but they don’t have a website). My goal was targeted: a tin for the bathroom, a shower curtain. I was also on the lookout for potential planters as I was stopping by our local gardening store after and considering a succulent purchase. (Main goal: get potting soil to replant a few small plants.)

I felt extremely lucky with a lot of the finds. I walked out with a standard curtain (that took two hours to convert into a shower curtain – such a labor of love), five new bowls for our kitchen (no more plastic bowl circa 2011!), a vintage, Civil War era lantern from 1864, tin wastebasket, and a vintage locker box that is now our bread box. Total: 29$.

The entire experience was controlled, thoughtful, and most of what I picked up I put back.

When I got to the gardening store I guess my self-control was a little exhausted and I ended up buying several succulents. What can I say? I’m an addict. I’ve loved succulents for years and never jumped into the purchase. I’m now the proud owner of seven little succulents, one cactus, an orchid, and an aloe vera plants. Several of those I already had and SPOILER the succulents are making little, propagated babies so hopefully more will come in the next few months.

Supportive as he always is, Kevin made me promise to blog about this. This blog is not a way to teach the world how to control shopping habits, I’m hardly the person to do that. It’s a way for me to stay connected to myself and hold myself accountable. So maybe March 7th was a slip-up day – I did go home and shop on Amazon for flour bins – but that happens! The important thing is getting back on the horse. I have a small list of et ceteras that I still need for the house, but those things will come in time.


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