Day 8: Questioning The Method

Is cold turkey the best method for me, right now? I’m debating my original plan fairly heavily right now, based on yesterday. To me yesterday didn’t seem like shopping, it seemed like following through on plans to organize the apartment.

My next project is transforming the patio which involves sanding down and repainting a currently rusty table. There is a lot of manual labor that will go into this and I don’t have all the tools needed to do the job properly. If I go to the hardware store and pick up a wire brush that’s not shopping, but if I also throw a few other things I need into the cart – now am I shopping?

The idea of “not shopping” wasn’t “not buying”. It was staying away from buying clothes I wear once a month, trends that I’m over by the time my packages arrive and blowing a paycheck on one pair of shoes.


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