Day 10: A Day With Nothing to Do

Both Kevin and I both felt sick today. No idea where it all came from, but luckily I was feeling better by mid-day. I ended up spending the day at Politics and Prose with Kevin meeting me later.

I had previously thought all my packages had arrived – and yet there was one more. Not for me, but instead something for Kev. A shirt I had bought for him three weeks ago finally arrived and yes, it fit him beautifully.

Today was an interesting mix of highs and lows, between waking up with some serious pains to getting to see Kevin’s excitement over his new shirt there was a bit of whiplash. Kevin never purchases clothes for himself. He currently lives with an exceptionally small wardrobe. While he cleans it to be for the sake of minimalism, it lacks functionality. A new black button-down will be the perfect addition to his wardrobe. It’s classic. It’s versatile. While this piece seems like just another shirt the part that is remarkable is how well it fit Kev. Being slender with broad shoulders means sometimes even “slim cut” looks like a box hanging from his frame. Find a professional shirt that will consistently fit is a huge win and a lot like finding the perfect cup of coffee. Once you do, why change it?



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