Day 11: Boozy Brunches and a Sleepy Saturday

After not sleeping – all night – Kevin and I slept in this Saturday. We had an event that ran all afternoon and wanted to be as well rested as possible. Our smallest cat has adopted a new behavior chirping at all hours of the night. We believe it’s because of the birds that are now out in the warmer weather, but either way, it is annoying.

Currently, we have just finished watching Captain Fantastic, an amazing movie featuring Viggo Mortensen, and are waiting for our ramen to arrive.

Shopping wise the day has been strange – Kevin suggested that I buy myself something earlier ( an item which, strangely, we’ve both forgotten). Rarely am I the one that pumps the breaks in terms of spending and I found this to be a great exercise. Clearly, it didn’t stress me too much, as I’ve already forgotten what it was.

Despite our day being happy and casual I’m still feeling like my mind was in a blender. That’s probably the reason this post is all over the place. I promised to write every day, so that’s what I’m doing here. This is definitely NOT a high-quality piece of lit.

With work tomorrow morning I’m hoping that this mixed-up feeling subsides soon.


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