Day 13: Priorities

I was planning on going out shopping today, though I had promised myself I would not be buying anything, but I did not. I prioritized finishing up an application I have high hopes for, and while maybe it wasn’t as fun at perusing the shelves of my favorite thrift store I still felt a similar feeling of accomplishment afterward.

It’s very strange to come to know yourself through your vices. I never would have thought that shopping gave me a sense of accomplishment. Ever. But giving it up this month has definitely showed me how much of my self-identity I wrapped up in my ability to shop, find great deals, etc. It’s a very strange outside looking in feeling.

This evening is calling for a terrible snow storm (cc: Stella) and I’m headed to work – hopefully not to be snowed in.

Fingers crossed that Kevin is off work tomorrow and we can have another one of our favorite days: holed up in a coffee shop.


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