Day 14: Surprise, I’m in a Coffee Shop

Being at the halfway point I took a small inventory today and found that I have saved over 800$ this month. I’ve still been going out to dinners, actually going out more now that I can help offset the cost that normally fell just on Kevin, enjoying lattes and espressos at my favorite shops, and living my life as normally as usual.

Last night’s snow was not nearly as bad as was predicted. Kevin still had work and I drove my car to Politics and Prose (are you even remotely surprised?) to work on applications, blog, and deeply vibe to Ophelia by The Lumineers.

I may have hidden something from you all in regards to shopping. I did buy a hat. It’s one that I have loved from a distance since 2014. It’s black, branded P&P and benefits my favorite, local bookstore. I see no fault in this.

Surprise that I’ve pretty much only worn this hat for the past week. Normally after I “shop” I get this weird, elated feeling. But this wasn’t like that. It was just another thing I felt fit in with me and my life. I’m not sure if the past month I’ve become disillusioned by shopping? Or maybe this was a different category than the frivolous shopping I typically do?

While I’m not sure what was different about this time (more research needed) one thing is for certain: I don’t miss the highs-lows that typical follow a shopping trip.

Day 14 is almost finished and I’m feeling strong.


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