Day 15: Mental Health and a Little TLC

Today I returned some too expensive shoes that I didn’t even like.

Post my good deed of the day I grabbed a latte and started to digest how I have been feeling the past two weeks.

Being on Day 15 means that I am halfway to my goal and halfway done with this project. I’m surprised how some days everything feels incredibly easy, and other times it’s incredibly difficult. When I was making today’s return I found myself combing through the racks of discount shoes, hoping to find a pair of snow/rain boots. Definitely not frivolous considering the past few days in DC. (See Stella.)

Rain boots are the thing that I always feel like I don’t need until I need them. They are the need that keeps popping up in my life and yet every time I ended up spending my money on something else.

I’m determined to hunt down the perfect pair of boots ASAP. But until then I’m enjoying the chilly weather, curled up in Kevin’s sweater, with a hot latte.



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