Day 22: How Many Weird Illnesses Can I Get?

Let’s journey back.

A little over three weeks ago (before I started this project) I got pink eye. As a 23 year old who doesn’t work with children and hasn’t had pink eye since she was 10. I also had the flu earlier this year, I’ve been getting lots of migraines, and like everyone in the Northeast (dealing with these rapid seasonal changes) my allergies have been amazing.

Today I woke up with a fcuking stye. What even are these things. Let me tell you. It’s like a little red bump by your eyeball that hurts every time you blink and apparently goes away in three to five days (details to follow).

Now my pink eye (conjunctivitis) was probably something I got from my cat. How fcuking cool. But this is totally unrelated. I looked up possible reasons you could get it and zero applied to me. Having just gotten pink eye almost a month ago I had been careful about not touching my eye, I replaced all my eye makeup to make sure it was clean, I never sleep in makeup, and yet the universe has determined that this is what I need right now.


Side note: I looked up some photos of styes and luckily mine really is not that bad. Fingers crossed it doesn’t get worse.

In other news today was my fourth tattoo removal and hopefully, by this time next year, I’ll be done letting a doctor zap the ish out of my arm.


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