Day 6: Morning Brainstorming

Today it is incredibly rainy and stormy all throughout DC. The forecast is calling for everything to stop around 5pm, which is when I leave for work. So exploring DC today would either be soggy or virtual.

I grabbed a latte from my all time favorite coffee, Bread Furst, and snuggled up at home with my cats to come up with a list of sites to use to explore DC more this month.

  • The DCist
    • Not only is this a site with tons about the social scene in DC, but their comments section is full of witty GIFs and hilarious anecdotes.
  • Brightest Young Things
    • The party throwers of DC. “We’re a web magazine + event production/experiential marketing/PR agency based in Washington, DC & NYC & Chicago. I guess if there was a good word that meant something about bridging the gap between online and real life we’d use it here.”
  • Washingtonian
    • Print and online magazine for all things DC, catering specifically to those who prefer a quieter scene. “Washingtonian, the magazine Washington lives by, is the region’s top source of information for dining, shopping, entertainment, and personalities.”
  • Washington DC Magazine
  •  Facebook Events

I’m sure there are more, but currently, the cats need to be pet and will not leave me online, so this is where I leave the roundup. Link anything I missed below, in the comments section.


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