Day 7: Korean BBQ

A little outside of DC, but definitely a staple for the locals, HoneyPig has been in the area for more than 10 years. In that time it’s gained a cult-like following that up until this Friday did not include me.

Kev and I were joined by my two best friends and their boyfriends. Together we ate four entrees which was plenty, despite having a few “big eaters” at the table – mostly me and Kev. The table ordered: shrimp, pork belly, bulgogi, and duck. Not one to care for shrimp I stuck with the red meats and poultry. The duck was decently gamey, but a little over cooked for my taste.

The highlights were definitely the pork belly and the bulgogi. Super tender and not over cooked it was absolutely my favorite part of the meal – except for maybe the kimchi.

The drive was a little far from DC proper, but worth it for a night out with friends. I definitely enjoyed myself but didn’t leave with an understanding of all the hype. Was it delicious? Yes. Can I get something just as wonderful in DC? Absolutely. And in the process would save myself about 10$ in gas money.


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