Day 10: Paris in DC

If you Google the most Parisian cities in the world you’ll find that DC is at the top of the list. It shouldn’t be too surprising considering that DC was designed by a Parisian-born Frenchman Pierre “Peter” Charles L’Enfant. With diagonal streets, a relatively flat layout, and one large pointed monument as the centerpiece for the city, the similarities between Paris and DC seem to go unnoticed while being right in front of our very noses.


Featured Image & Above Courtesy of


Drawing inspiration from the drop of French that’s in my genetic make-up I decided to spend my Monday cuddling with my cats and then writing at a street side cafe. Both worked out well in my favor as my morning was incredibly relaxing, which made my writing more prolific.

I think that exploring DC a bit like I would explore Paris makes sense. I plan on adopting this philosophy for the remainder of the project.


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