Hi! I’m Molly Shephard, a shopaholic who came to terms with her spending. In 2016 I was spending between 2,000$ and 3,500$ a month on frivolous things. I attacked the problem at the start of 2017, spending each month dedicated to ending a bad habit.

My decision to stop shopping is not one I made lightly. Every year I set a goal for myself, perhaps you do too, called a “resolution”. People have been making resolutions for 4,000 years, dating back to the Babylonians. People have also been breaking their resolutions for 4,000 years.

This year I decided to break it down into monthly goals because my yearly resolution to “Be healthy” seemed like the most ambiguous two-word sentence. In January I was healthier by giving up fries and tater tots, I assure you that working in a bar did not make that easy. In February I tried to pry my coffee addiction from my caffeine deprived hands. The shakes were real enough to convince me that it was a true addiction and that three daily espressos, though delicious, were excessive, to say the least. I cut it down to four lattes a week and though there were setbacks I felt February successful.

The Shallow Pocket is named after the first documented month-long project in March 2017: A Month Without Shopping. We all have our shortcomings and I’m working on mine, one month at a time. For the year of 2017, I am picking one vice per month, going cold turkey, and blogging daily.

**The majority of photos are borrowed from the internet.



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