Mid-Night Planning

Tomorrow I will: Replant all my succulents Tidy up the apartment - specifically the kitchen Apply to two jobs Finish reading my VOGUE Clean out my closet Be on time for work


My Literary Bucket List

*A short list American Classics ✔Little Women | Louisa May Alcott ✔The Great Gatsby | F. Scott Fitzgerald ✔Their Eyes Were Watching God | Zora Neale Hurston Moby Dick | Herman Melville The Scarlet Letter | Nathaniel Hawthorne To Kill a Mockingbird | Harper Lee The Sound and the Fury | William Faulkner As I Lay Dying |… Continue reading My Literary Bucket List

22 Years of Age

✔Blog weekly and stay creative with it ✔Cook more often and get comfier in the kitchen Move to NYC (by 8/2015) ✔Decorate a new apartment ✔Visit my family more Complete a Spartan Race like a serious competitor (by 9/2015) Consistently workout 5-6 times a week (by 12/2015) ✔Apply for and get my passport (by 11/2015) ✔Travel… Continue reading 22 Years of Age

Places I’d Like to Go

US States East Coast | CT DC DE ME MD MA NH NJ NY PA RI VT VA WV  Southeast | AL FL GA MS NC SC TN Southwest | AR LA NM TX  West Coast | AZ CA HI NV UT Northwest | AK ID MT OR WA WY Central | CO IA KS MN  MO NE ND OK SD Great Lakes | IL IN KY MI OH WI  The Continents Africa Antarctica Asia Australia/Oceania Europe North America South America Slovenia Greece Italy Positano Sicily Ireland Germany France Paris The UK Scotland… Continue reading Places I’d Like to Go

A To-Do List for Life

ADVENTURE Go to an ice sculpting contest in AK Ride a zipline Go sky diving Go cliff jumping Parasail Walk on a suspension bridge Do a hot coal walk See the salmon run in the Pacific NW ANIMALS + NATURE ✔Swim with wild sharks ✔Hold a sturgeon Attend a rodeo Hike the length of the… Continue reading A To-Do List for Life

18 Years of Age

✔Jump into something, no thoughts. Get a passport! VOTE! Cross something off every month from the bucket list ✔Get CPR certified ✔Drive past 12 Go to a midnight movie ✔Make the most of something ✔Get faster ✔Random activity ✔Swim in open water ✔Be a friend ✔Perfect potica ✔Learn more Slovenian Surprise sisters with a trip… Continue reading 18 Years of Age

16 Years of Age

Run 3 miles in under 20 minutes ✔Stay out all night ✔Take a spontaneous trip anywhere Go west Do the cupcake challenge ✔Get a license! ✔Make a whole dinner, by myself ✔Eat more veggies! ✔Apply to good colleges (probably shouldn't be number 9) ✔Tell someone how I really feel about them (good or bad) ✔Stand up… Continue reading 16 Years of Age