Places I’d Like to Go

US States East Coast | CT DC DE ME MD MA NH NJ NY PA RI VT VA WV  Southeast | AL FL GA MS NC SC TN Southwest | AR LA NM TX  West Coast | AZ CA HI NV UT Northwest | AK ID MT OR WA WY Central | CO IA KS MN  MO NE ND OK SD Great Lakes | IL IN KY MI OH WI  The Continents Africa Antarctica Asia Australia/Oceania Europe North America South America Slovenia Greece Italy Positano Sicily Ireland Germany France Paris The UK Scotland… Continue reading Places I’d Like to Go


A To-Do List for Life

ADVENTURE Go to an ice sculpting contest in AK Ride a zipline Go sky diving Go cliff jumping Parasail Walk on a suspension bridge Do a hot coal walk See the salmon run in the Pacific NW ANIMALS + NATURE ✔Swim with wild sharks ✔Hold a sturgeon Attend a rodeo Hike the length of the… Continue reading A To-Do List for Life