Day 10: Paris in DC

If you Google the most Parisian cities in the world you'll find that DC is at the top of the list. It shouldn't be too surprising considering that DC was designed by a Parisian-born Frenchman Pierre "Peter" Charles L'Enfant. With diagonal streets, a relatively flat layout, and one large pointed monument as the centerpiece for the… Continue reading Day 10: Paris in DC


Day 8: Real Climbers Now?

For the second time in the past month, Kev and I introduced someone to our world of climbing. Lately, climbing as become much more prominent in our lives. While we do a lot of things, and we do a lot of different things, our biggest grounder and place of unity is at the rock gym.… Continue reading Day 8: Real Climbers Now?

Day 7: Korean BBQ

A little outside of DC, but definitely a staple for the locals, HoneyPig has been in the area for more than 10 years. In that time it's gained a cult-like following that up until this Friday did not include me. Kev and I were joined by my two best friends and their boyfriends. Together we… Continue reading Day 7: Korean BBQ

Day 5: Starting Small at the Mall

Today Kevin, myself, and two of our friends went down to the Tidal Basin to explore the cherry blossoms that always bloom around this time of year. With the random heat waves, followed by frost, we weren't too optimistic about how the blossoms would look. They were a little pitiful, but we, Washingtonians, have been… Continue reading Day 5: Starting Small at the Mall

Late Night Reruns, Stress, and Avocados at Midnight

I've been up all night, too exhausted to sleep. I spent the evening making churros and now I fear the sugar overload is pulsing through my veins, making sleep impossible. Sugar or stress, it could be either, or both. One of my worst habits is my evening rerun. I replay my day, my week, my… Continue reading Late Night Reruns, Stress, and Avocados at Midnight

Musings from October 2015

I have the unfortunate circumstance of majoring in something that isn't in the field of what I want to do. I love my Philosophy background, but everywhere I apply is looking for a degree is Journalism or English or "a related field". Hopefully, all those essays and papers throughout college gave me enough "related experience".… Continue reading Musings from October 2015