Day 10: Paris in DC

If you Google the most Parisian cities in the world you'll find that DC is at the top of the list. It shouldn't be too surprising considering that DC was designed by a Parisian-born Frenchman Pierre "Peter" Charles L'Enfant. With diagonal streets, a relatively flat layout, and one large pointed monument as the centerpiece for the… Continue reading Day 10: Paris in DC


Day 9: In A List

Today I worked 6.5 hours on my feet and finished thoroughly exhausted. I went to my favorite Korean/Japanese fusion resaurant and crushed a bowl of ramen. I went home and ate pizza. Slept well.

Day 8: Real Climbers Now?

For the second time in the past month, Kev and I introduced someone to our world of climbing. Lately, climbing as become much more prominent in our lives. While we do a lot of things, and we do a lot of different things, our biggest grounder and place of unity is at the rock gym.… Continue reading Day 8: Real Climbers Now?

Day 6: Morning Brainstorming

Today it is incredibly rainy and stormy all throughout DC. The forecast is calling for everything to stop around 5pm, which is when I leave for work. So exploring DC today would either be soggy or virtual. I grabbed a latte from my all time favorite coffee, Bread Furst, and snuggled up at home with… Continue reading Day 6: Morning Brainstorming

Day 5: Starting Small at the Mall

Today Kevin, myself, and two of our friends went down to the Tidal Basin to explore the cherry blossoms that always bloom around this time of year. With the random heat waves, followed by frost, we weren't too optimistic about how the blossoms would look. They were a little pitiful, but we, Washingtonians, have been… Continue reading Day 5: Starting Small at the Mall

More Returns

I took myself out early this morning to return a pair of shoes that I had thought about returning for close to two months. Six weeks ago I made the decision to follow through on the return. Six weeks ago I made the decision to follow through on the return. Four weeks ago I put… Continue reading More Returns

Musings from October 2015

I have the unfortunate circumstance of majoring in something that isn't in the field of what I want to do. I love my Philosophy background, but everywhere I apply is looking for a degree is Journalism or English or "a related field". Hopefully, all those essays and papers throughout college gave me enough "related experience".… Continue reading Musings from October 2015