Day 6: Morning Brainstorming

Today it is incredibly rainy and stormy all throughout DC. The forecast is calling for everything to stop around 5pm, which is when I leave for work. So exploring DC today would either be soggy or virtual. I grabbed a latte from my all time favorite coffee, Bread Furst, and snuggled up at home with… Continue reading Day 6: Morning Brainstorming


Day 5: Starting Small at the Mall

Today Kevin, myself, and two of our friends went down to the Tidal Basin to explore the cherry blossoms that always bloom around this time of year. With the random heat waves, followed by frost, we weren't too optimistic about how the blossoms would look. They were a little pitiful, but we, Washingtonians, have been… Continue reading Day 5: Starting Small at the Mall

Day 22: How Many Weird Illnesses Can I Get?

Let's journey back. A little over three weeks ago (before I started this project) I got pink eye. As a 23 year old who doesn't work with children and hasn't had pink eye since she was 10. I also had the flu earlier this year, I've been getting lots of migraines, and like everyone in… Continue reading Day 22: How Many Weird Illnesses Can I Get?

Day 20: Did Ya Miss Me?

Days 17, 18, and 19 went by without a blog post and I am sorry about that. I caught a cold this weekend that dropped me out of commission, visited family, celebrated Nowruz (Iranian New Year), and tried to catch up with Kev. In the meantime, ShallowPocket took a back seat. Staying away for a… Continue reading Day 20: Did Ya Miss Me?

Day 16: And It Wasn’t Even Scary!

It's the 16th. Today is the day Kevin and I pay our credit card bill. When I previously logged my spending between 1,500$ and 2,500$ I actually completely forgot the 800-1,200$ that are usually on our credit card. Typically Kevin, enabler, helps me pay those off. Today? We owed 27.74$. For a full month. I'm shocked,… Continue reading Day 16: And It Wasn’t Even Scary!