Day 6: Morning Brainstorming

Today it is incredibly rainy and stormy all throughout DC. The forecast is calling for everything to stop around 5pm, which is when I leave for work. So exploring DC today would either be soggy or virtual. I grabbed a latte from my all time favorite coffee, Bread Furst, and snuggled up at home with… Continue reading Day 6: Morning Brainstorming


A Shopaholic’s Month Without Shopping: Recap & Review

So maybe I missed a few of the last would-be posts. March was busy, especially toward the end of the month. Days 23-31 were a bit of a blur, my sister visited, Kevin bought an N64 and together we explored all the nooks and cranny of vintage game hunting, among other things and as my month… Continue reading A Shopaholic’s Month Without Shopping: Recap & Review

Day 22: How Many Weird Illnesses Can I Get?

Let's journey back. A little over three weeks ago (before I started this project) I got pink eye. As a 23 year old who doesn't work with children and hasn't had pink eye since she was 10. I also had the flu earlier this year, I've been getting lots of migraines, and like everyone in… Continue reading Day 22: How Many Weird Illnesses Can I Get?

Day 20: Did Ya Miss Me?

Days 17, 18, and 19 went by without a blog post and I am sorry about that. I caught a cold this weekend that dropped me out of commission, visited family, celebrated Nowruz (Iranian New Year), and tried to catch up with Kev. In the meantime, ShallowPocket took a back seat. Staying away for a… Continue reading Day 20: Did Ya Miss Me?

Day 16: And It Wasn’t Even Scary!

It's the 16th. Today is the day Kevin and I pay our credit card bill. When I previously logged my spending between 1,500$ and 2,500$ I actually completely forgot the 800-1,200$ that are usually on our credit card. Typically Kevin, enabler, helps me pay those off. Today? We owed 27.74$. For a full month. I'm shocked,… Continue reading Day 16: And It Wasn’t Even Scary!

Day 15: Mental Health and a Little TLC

Today I returned some too expensive shoes that I didn't even like. Post my good deed of the day I grabbed a latte and started to digest how I have been feeling the past two weeks. Being on Day 15 means that I am halfway to my goal and halfway done with this project. I'm… Continue reading Day 15: Mental Health and a Little TLC