Day 16: And It Wasn’t Even Scary!

It's the 16th. Today is the day Kevin and I pay our credit card bill. When I previously logged my spending between 1,500$ and 2,500$ I actually completely forgot the 800-1,200$ that are usually on our credit card. Typically Kevin, enabler, helps me pay those off. Today? We owed 27.74$. For a full month. I'm shocked,… Continue reading Day 16: And It Wasn’t Even Scary!

Day 15: Mental Health and a Little TLC

Today I returned some too expensive shoes that I didn't even like. Post my good deed of the day I grabbed a latte and started to digest how I have been feeling the past two weeks. Being on Day 15 means that I am halfway to my goal and halfway done with this project. I'm… Continue reading Day 15: Mental Health and a Little TLC