Day 8: Real Climbers Now?

For the second time in the past month, Kev and I introduced someone to our world of climbing. Lately, climbing as become much more prominent in our lives. While we do a lot of things, and we do a lot of different things, our biggest grounder and place of unity is at the rock gym.… Continue reading Day 8: Real Climbers Now?


Day 4: What To Work On…

Jumping in on Day 5. I only finally picked up my April project today. I usually spend my time in DC lamenting over not being in NYC, planning trips out of the city, or cycling between the same three coffee shops. April is about mixing things up and changing how I look at the city… Continue reading Day 4: What To Work On…

Places I’d Like to Go

US States East Coast | CT DC DE ME MD MA NH NJ NY PA RI VT VA WV  Southeast | AL FL GA MS NC SC TN Southwest | AR LA NM TX  West Coast | AZ CA HI NV UT Northwest | AK ID MT OR WA WY Central | CO IA KS MN  MO NE ND OK SD Great Lakes | IL IN KY MI OH WI  The Continents Africa Antarctica Asia Australia/Oceania Europe North America South America Slovenia Greece Italy Positano Sicily Ireland Germany France Paris The UK Scotland… Continue reading Places I’d Like to Go